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Spring green, in order to meet the need of enterprise development, guarantee the company core 816508640418701509.jpgcompetitiveness, the introduction of senior professionals and international advanced technology research and development, initially formed a academic professional and reasonable collocation and complete equipment, basic research and development team with good condition.

R&d center for a long time with the University of Stuttgart, Germany media (Hochschule der medien Stuttgart) and the University of Michigan institute of Packaging and printing (University of Michigan School of Packaging and printing), SPRING Packaging have extensive scientific research institutions such as scientific and technological cooperation and exchanges.

With more high quality products of raw materials, research and development center has developed national patent technology, has the independent intellectual property rights of innovative products.

R&d center adopts the most advanced water-based materials, automated production equipment and advanced formula technology, in the domestic absorption substrate using water-based ink printing field in a leading position.

R&d center strategy under the guidance of the company, has launched a series of researches, through the union, to speed up all kinds of new product development, promote new products and new technology into productivity rapidly, make the green spring water-based ink products at home and abroad is used in a lot of, get the customer the consistent high praise.


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